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Andrea Bunnell

Andrea has a lifelong interest in exercise and physical fitness, including backpacking, canoeing, horseback riding, hiking, and—of course—Yoga.

She attended Juniata College and West Chester University, where she studied Communications, Eastern religions and philosophy. She has practiced Yoga for more than 8 years and received her teaching certification through the Yoga Center of Medford. In addition to teaching Yoga, Andrea works in a local middle school as an assistant for students with special needs.

Andrea’s classes place an emphasis on proper alignment and good body mechanics while encouraging students to use self-awareness, compassion and patience in their Yoga practice.

Sunita Deshpande

Yoga has played an instrumental role in Sunita’s life.

Being of Indian heritage, she thought she knew everything about the Yogic philosophy. Four years ago, as life intervened, she felt the need to put all the knowledge she was brought up with into practice.

Living abroad all her life educated Sunita in so many ways, but yoga helped her to still the mind and tap into the inner strength she didn’t know she had. Daily practice only increased her thirst for more. Finally, Sunita decided to embark on this inspiring journey and completed her training this year at the Yoga Center of Medford.

Yoga has changed her life in many ways, both physically and mentally. Sunita is eager to inspire others in the same manner, and hopes she can help others tap into that same peace and serenity that she enjoys.

Robin Fulton

Robin received her RYT200 Yoga teaching certification in Hatha Yoga at the Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies where she continues to pursue her RYT500 certification; she is also certified in Christian Yoga.

Her journey with Yoga began after feeling the aging processes settling in. Experiencing back pain, numbness in the feet, a failing memory, and developing allergies, she thought there must be an alternative for wellness other then the medications doctors prescribed.

At first, Yoga classes for Robin were about exercise and feeling fit, but after a few years, and experiencing different teachers and styles of Yoga, she discovered that Yoga was about so much more. The alignment of the body is connected to the alignment of the mind and our thoughts. For Robin, what started as a physical practice with spiritual benefits, turned into a spiritual practice with physical benefits. Through her Yoga practice and studies, she has learned that disease and stiff bodies are not an inevitable part of aging. Robin is also a firm believer that how we think, how we live, how we treat the earth, and how we treat our bodies are all intricately connected.

Through meditation, breathing and Yoga asana, one can calm the mind and body without medication and discover an inner stillness and connection with a Divine Presence. Robin’s desire is to share with others the lessons she has learned.

Mary Jean Gibbons has practiced meditation for over fifteen years.

She has been a licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist since 1990 and brings bodywork methods from a variety of cultural traditions and natural elements into her sessions. Mary Jean has also undertaken study with staff of the meditation programs at the University of Massachusetts Medical Center and the University of Pennsylvania Program for Stress Management.

Mary Jean enjoys facilitating workshops in Creative Self Care blending meditation, gentle expressive movement, and body treatments. Her work is deeply influenced by her personal practices of Meditation, Yoga and Qigong, and by her love of nature and the arts.

Mary Jean GibbonS

Joan Nemeth fell in love with Yoga twelve years ago as she searched for a way to reduce stress. Coordinating breath and movement in a peaceful setting allowed her to let go of stress, feeling relaxed and renewed. She has practiced Yoga ever since.

In 2012, she enrolled in the Yoga Teacher Training program at the Yoga Center of Medford to deepen her understanding of the philosophy and practice of Yoga. By the time she completed the program in 2013, Joan knew that she wanted to teach in order to share the gift of Yoga with others.

She has taught two introductory Yoga classes, one to students at Seneca High School and another to a teachers’ organization at Hammonton High School. As both a student and a teacher of Yoga, Joan has found that taking even a brief period of time out of our busy schedules to practice Yoga can greatly improve physical, mental, and spiritual well being.

Joan looks forward to continuing her journey of sharing the wonderful benefits of Yoga.

Joan Nemeth

Jennifer Penz

Jennifer Penz has been practicing Yoga for at least twenty-five years and finally received her 200 RYT certification from the Yoga Center of Medford in 2016. She is a physical therapist who has often used Yoga poses with her patients for improved mobility and body awareness. As stated by many yogi’s, it was the physical aspect of Yoga that drew her in but it is the spiritual side of Yoga that keeps her motivated and energized. Recently, she has been exploring meditation and the importance of quieting the mind incorporating it into a daily practice. Jennifer has also brought Yoga into elementary schools, working with 4th- and 5th-graders in a before-school club. She believes that if we can reach children at a young age through Yoga, they can learn to manage stress, improve their body image and confidence, and learn to take care of their bodies for the rest of their life. Jennifer lives in Medford with her husband, three boys, six chickens, and two dogs.

Yvonne has been studying yoga from the moment she was introduced to it.

Due to her curiosity, she began training in the various forms of Yoga including Classical, Flow, Hatha, Wall, and Yin Yoga. She received her first teaching certification from the Yoga Center of Medford.

In addition to her initial training, Yvonne’s teachings and understanding of Yoga have been influenced by more than one hundred hours of Teacher Training under the guidance Wake Up Yoga in Philadelphia, Lourdes Institute of Wholistic Studies in Collingswood, Kula-Kamala-Yoga in Toms River, and the Kripalu Center in Stockbridge, Massachusetts. Yvonne also holds a RYT500 certification with focus on body alignment.

Yvonne is a Reiki Master of Masters in Usui Shiki Ryoho and other lineages. She loves to explore new ways of seeing things and likes to bring a sense of ease and stillness to her teachings.

Yvonne Watkis